About Us


Ray’s Healthy Living is a family-centric business which provides the best quality beauty and health supplements to you and your family, with products based on natural and organic ingredients at affordable prices.
Our company believes natural and organic herbal supplements and vitamins provide the most benefit in enhancing your general health and vitality while being safer than their artificial equivalents.
We do business through a network of traditional brick-and-mortar stores and our own brand website online.

Ray’s Healthy Living offers products with enhanced natural vitamins and minerals through herbal supplements that have been produced through the most thorough and effective quality standards in the industry.
We take pride in doing business while taking great care of our customers’ satisfaction and safety. Ray’s Healthy Living believes customers are part of the family, and we take care of our family.
You can see why this is a key element in our business by reading our founder and CEO’s personal story.

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Now, you might be thinking “but I’ve heard all this before, Ray”.

Let me tell you a little story about your pal, Ray, and why you’re guaranteed only the best product and support from Ray’s Healthy Living:

My folks and family was brought up in grassroots living. Live by your word, work for your dreams, never betray a trust… these were the virtues we lived by. However, we weren’t really concerned with our health and lifestyle. That is, until we lost my dad and my grandmother far too early in life. And the main culprit wasn’t simply the illnesses they had: it was their nutrition and lifestyle.

That’s when my mom started her crusade of healthy living. She researched and studied about the essentials of having a beautiful, healthy lifestyle. And she didn’t want to stop with herself and our family. She wanted everyone to enjoy the same benefits.

She started to invite people to our home, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, or complete strangers who were interested in a lifestyle that promoted health and wellness. Pretty soon, she was out meeting people in flea markets, farmer’s markets, and such sharing what she knew while building a growing business. Nature SunShine was the first brand mom adopted, as it was the first company to largely promote herbal supplements in capsules. Pretty soon, other family members joined her and now serve communities all around with their own health and wellness stores and practice that both sell natural products and also provide nutritional advice and support.

So where does your pal Ray come in?

I was a careless youth with a reckless lifestyle back in the day. While my mom was doing her thing with health and wellness, I was going out to make my own stamp in life. Eventually, I started working at a Laundromat. I liked it so much I went into the Laundromat business for 10 years. So, why did I change my line of business and followed my mom’s footsteps?

At age 45, I started feeling the consequences of my unhealthy lifestyle as a younger man. I was 45 lbs. overweight and even though I go to the gym, I wasn’t maximizing my health and wellness. I struggled for about 20 years with a sharp pain on my lower hips. I met and got tested by doctors and hospitals, but none of them could figure out what was wrong until I met with a urologist who suggested I change my diet to a more natural one. That’s when I had the revelation that mom was right all along!

From then on, I realized mom had been helping a lot of people since the 1980s to live a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. I decided I would do the same, taking up the same goals and motivation mom lived by: offer the highest quality of natural products and help customers live their lives to the fullest. You could say the rest is history from there!

But wait, there’s more!

I realized mom’s traditional approach might not be the best in this day and age. After carefully studying our options, mom and I decided to take our vision and goals online to reach out to more people who share the same desire: live healthy and beautiful lives with the help of natural products. And so, Ray’s Healthy Living is born and always willing to serve you!