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The Many Medicinal Benefits of L-Arginine

Let’s look at the many different benefits that we get from L-Arginine.

  • Arginine is much more powerful than any other antioxidant that naturally occurs in your body. How much more powerful? Around a thousand times! The antioxidant powers of Arginine help many different systems in your body. They have been studied thoroughly, and may aid in protection from diseases like diabetes, cancer, stroke, premature aging, and more.
  • Arginine is also fantastic when it comes to providing cardiovascular support to your body. This includes plaque formation as well as management of blood pressure. The nitric oxide that Arginine helps propagate allows your arteries to relax, which can play a big role in preventing angina and hypertension.
  • Arginine also helps make your memory better, especially when it comes to long term memory. There are even studies that suggest that it may reverse the effects of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
  • Human Growth Hormone is naturally produced by your body and makes you age at a slow pace. Arginine boosts the HGH levels in your body.
  • Arginine helps your brain and nerves communicate better by aiding the messenger cells between them.
  • There are studies which suggest that Arginine may play a big role in fighting bacterial infections, and also improve overall immune functions.
  • Arginine helps with multiple complications of diabetes, and even fights diabetes itself. Many of the diabetes symptoms and complications are vascular in nature, which makes Arginine the perfect material to solve problems. Arginine has also been found to help regulate the insulin secretion in patients’ pancreas.
  • Studies suggest that Arginine may also be playing a role in the proliferation and inhibition of cancer cells.
  • Arginine has a positive effect on your LDL cholesterol levels , which may help control your cholesterol.
  • Erectile Dysfunction is caused by vascular issues – thus arginine can help with ED too.
  • Arginine is an anticoagulant. This helps it reduce the clotting in your arteries, which lowers the risk of stroke and heart attacks.
  • Hypertension caused by pregnancy is reduced by Arginine.
  • People who have asthma will also feel the benefits of Arginine, because it opens up the pulmonary pathways, which makes it easier to breath.
  • Arginine also aids in the fight against hemorrhoids by relaxing the hypertonic sphincter muscles.
  • Conscious about your fitness? You’ll love arginine. It helps you create lean muscle mass, and at the same time also helps manage your bone density through the higher production of HGH. This is why Arginine is often used by people focusing on strength training as well as weight management.
  • Smokers tend to have lower nitric oxide levels than non-smokers. Arginine can help them since it increases nitric oxide levels, which may aid in reversing the lung and cardiovascular damage caused by smoking.
  • Arginine is very helpful when it comes to post surgery recovery and wound healing. Research and experiments have shown that it even helps in burn wounds, and allows elderly patients to heal wounds quicker.
  • Athletes often use arginine, because it may increase their tolerance and strength.
  • The prostate also needs arginine in order to function properly.
  • Since Arginine affects bone density and helps preserve it, it may be a big help in osteoporosis cases.
  • Arginine is also used to help patients with irritable bowel syndrome. It also helps reduce the onset of stress related ulcers.
  • Arginine also has a positive effect on your renal function, and may also inhibit the progression of chronic renal failure that is age-related.