Commenting Policy

Commenting Policy

Thank you for visiting our website. Our visitors and commenters make our website the welcoming and active place that it is, and we are thankful for your contributions. At our website our aim is to ensure that the environment and the culture here is open and friendly to all. We want to create a space where anyone can feel comfortable talking, because we want to encourage as many people to join in on the conversation and make themselves heard. We strongly believe in diversity – not just diversity in the backgrounds of people, but diversity in opinion and experiences. Every time a new opinion or idea is shared in the comments, it enriches the overall conversation.
In order to ensure that such a culture is kept safe, we have enacted the following commenting policy. As long as you are making helpful and kind comments, you will never run afoul of the commenting policy. Comments that do not adhere to our policy will be removed. Depending on the violation, the commenter may be banned from making any comments in the future as well.

No Harassment

Regardless of reason, we will not tolerate any harassment in our comments. If any commenter has made another commenter a target and is harassing them, by making threats, unwanted advances, or even by needlessly trying to talk to them when they have made it clear that they do not want to talk, all harassing comments will be removed, and the commenter may be banned as well.

No Racism/Sexism/Discrimination

Our website is a friendly place to all. We will not tolerate any type of discrimination. This includes discrimination on the basis of race, language, nationality, gender, sexuality, religion, or economic classes. We will remove any comments that contain any discrimination as soon as they are brought to our attention. We will also ban any users that are seen participating in discriminatory behavior.

No Spam or Promotion

We will not tolerate any type of spam, advertisements, or promotion on our website. Our website is for the discussion of the health benefits of different ingredients, personal experiences, and our products. Any advertisement or spamming attempt will be removed and the commenter will be accordingly banned.

Commenting Rights Reserved

We reserve the right to revoke anyone’s right to comment on our website, for any reason, based on our own judgment. We will be carefully curtain comments to ensure that the comments are positive and informative. If a comment is harmful even without violating any of the above mentioned policies, it will be removed without explanation.

No Medical Advice

On this website we discuss ways of living healthier. However it should be noted that none of the comments should be taken as medical advice. Any medical suggestion or advice you receive in comments should be treated as an anecdote only, and you should clarify that any such comment that you make does not come from a position of authority. We recommend talking to the doctor if you have any serious medial questions.


Ray’s Healthy Living ( welcomes comments such as feedback, reviews, and suggestions, whether they are related to our services, products, or website. All comments are posted directly to our website. Each comment requires a name and a valid e-mail address (note: e-mail address will not be posted).
Ray’s Healthy Living reserves the right to block or delete comments without notice if they fall under the following considerations:

  • Comment contains obscenity or profanity.
  • Comment contains defamatory statements or threats.
  • Comment contains derogatory statements directed at age, ethnicity, disability, gender, nationality, religion, skin color, or sexual orientation.
  • Comment endorses or promotes services or products that compete or are unrelated to what is on our website.
  • Comment does not contribute to the theme or topic of the relevant post (such as our products or our blog).
  • Any comment that we deem as inappropriate for our audience and customers.
  • Please note that Ray’s Healthy Living reserves the right to amend this commenting policy as we see fit and without prior notice.
  • We appreciate your cooperation and support to ensure that Ray’s Healthy Living and its website provides useful information and promotes a friendly environment where our visitors can actively participate