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Lauren L.

"My manager (I work at a bank) has had a pacemaker for about 6 years now. She has gained a lot of weight and is now morbidly obese, mostly because of all the medications she should take. She used to have an active lifestyle but the pacemaker put a stop to that. She cannot exercise and is thus not as healthy as she once was.

I introduced her to MaximumCardio and she feels so much better now. She went to her doctor first, to figure out if it would be okay for her to take MaximumCardio along with her medications. Y’all should do the same too, just to stay safe. But now she feels empowered and is living a much more active lifestyle.

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Nora H.

Getting off Medications 
"Can I order a lifetime’s supply of MaximumCardio? LOL. Seriously, John’s blood report came back and we cannot believe that his LDL is now at 119. This is the best thing that has happened to us in months. We were so worried and stressed but that is gone now. I have recommended your product to a lot of friends, so don’t be surprised if you get a lot of new orders!”

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Jerome L.

Stamina and Energy
"I hope you all are doing as well as I am. Ever since I started taking MaximumCardio I feel like I can do more. I’m in my forties and thought my active days were over, but nope, I have a lot more such days left. I’m so happy with how much better I feel”

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Alana C.

Phlebitis and Clots
"I couldn’t wait to tell you guys this. Gabe, my husband, went to the hematologist today and the hematologist was very surprised at Gabe’s progress. We are so happy we found MaximumCardio at the right time, thank you so much for talking to us.”

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Sr. Martha

Fuzzy Brain
"I had a TIA and ever since then my brain just seemed to be fuzzy. I was ‘normal’ so as to say, but didn’t feel normal at all. I went to the doctors and they had me do an MRI. The results, according to the doctors, showed that nothing was wrong and everything was normal. I suffered through the feeling for more than a year. I went to another doctor who finally diagnosed that I had a small circulation problem, which could be contributing to my brain feeling like it wasn’t working at 100! After a lot of research I started taking MaximumCardio, because it is supposed to help with circulation.

I’m happy to report that I feel like myself again. I’m almost ninety years old and it is fantastic to have such a clear head again. I no longer feel like an old person whenever I try to remember something, because I don’t have problems remembering anymore.

Thank you and God bless you"

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Charlie L.

We can’t believe how well this has worked for us. In December my sister called me about our mom. She was at the wound center for my mother. She told me that doctors were recommending that we get our mother’s leg amputated, because it wasn’t getting the blood flow it needed, and thus gangrene could show up. We were naturally very worried. I wanted mom to be well but I was uncomfortable with having her lose one leg. I sat down on the computer and started looking at research and this product came up. I saw some of the testimonials and videos and saw one person who had a leg just like my mom’s was right now, but he said that his problem had been solved by MaximumCardio.

I gave my mom three scoops of MaximumCardio for four days. My sister took her to the wound center again and something amazing happened. I got a call from my sister, the doctors started surgery but stopped because her foot wouldn’t stop bleeding – something that doesn’t happen to feet that are beyond saving. They abandoned the surgery and my mom is perfectly fine. She has full use of her leg. I cannot thank this product enough.."

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Maria M.

Pain & Artery Bulge is Gone
“Here’s what happened to me. There was a bulge that was easily visible on the right of my neck. Doctors told me that it was the carotid artery. I had a similar bulge on the inside of the right thigh (which I did not get checked or show to anyone). I was later told that it was the femoral artery. Both bulges were painful as well, and as you can imagine life wasn’t easy. I started using MaximumCardio – the difference at the beginning was minimal, but I could feel the difference.
Slowly the pain started to subside until it just ended. I checked and the bulges were gone too.

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Richard R.

Blocked Carotid Artery!
"I have been using MaximumCardio for almost a year now. I use anywhere from 2-3 scoops a day, depending on how often I’m home. I had a badly blocked artery in my neck. The problem hasn’t fully gone but I would say only 10% of the blockade remains. Things are now normal and manageable. My cholesterol has improved a lot. I’m from Canada, I don’t know if you guys use the same units, but my cholesterol went from 5.4 LDL to as low as 4.4 LDL.
Thank you for making this product

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Barb G.

Circulation issues
"I have been burned by many fake supplements and medications. What got me interested in MaximumCardio was the fact that it had Arginine in it. Arginine isn’t a ‘supplement’ or something which people claim is beneficial – I did a lot of research and it was clear that Arginine is a very helpful ingredient. I was doing so much research because gangrene had become a very real problem for me. I lost my parents to similar problems – they had gangrene, and they are not with us anymore. I started to get gangrene myself and, having seen how hard infection and gangrene can be on people, was scared beyond words. I didn’t know what to do.

I ended up in a hospital for 10 days – because I needed to have angioplasty or risk losing my right foot. Plus the blockage in my right foot had also resulted in plaque build-up and infection, which I also had to get treated.
Doctors usually try to treat it with ‘statin’ medication but that wouldn’t work wit hme. I don’t know why but all my life I’ve had a bad reaction to most prescription drugs. The doctors didn’t believe me at first, but once they saw how weak my legs became and how under the influence I became when I took the drugs they gave me, they started believing me. I didn’t want to leave the doctor’s office with bad news but that is all they had. I have always focused a lot on my health – my diet, my lifestyle – I try to be as healthy as I can be, and did not want to end up losing my foot, or even my life because of gangrene.
I heard about MaximumCardio and began researching it. I couldn’t believe all the positive things people had to say about it but once I started reading about Arginine I knew that I had reached something real. My doctors are always amazed when I go for follow-up visits, because they can’t believe how quickly my problems are going away.
I would fully recommend MaximumCardio but with one condition; just make sure you keep going to the doctor as you take it. That is honestly the best part – going to the doctor and seeing them surprised at how quickly you are getting better. Keep taking this and going to the doctor, you will see for yourself how helpful this is.
What I was more surprised by is that I had many other problems fixed with MaximumCardio, which I wasn’t even looking to treat! Simply do some research on Arginine and you will see how many diseases it helps eliminate or control, and you will be quickly ordering this product too"

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Eugene C.

Cholesterol Lowered / Carotids
"Holly’s cholesterol test results just came back. Her cholesterol is now 178, while back in May it was as high as 315. What else can I say? She feels much better and is doing better every day. We are very thankful for MaximumCardio and how quickly it is helping her.
The best part is that the damage from the high cholesterol seems to be getting fixed too. Her carotids, which had huge blockage problems, are now clear on one of the sides, and the blockage is at 15 percent on the other side.

The arteries in her neck are clearing themselves of buildup as well. They were almost completely gone but not anymore.
The surgeon is always surprised when he sees her progress. He has begun joking about how he will get much fewer patients not that products like this are available "

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Mary G.

Autistic Son 
"Anyone who has a family member with sever autism knows how hard it is. MaximumCardio has been making our life easier. He seems much calmer now, and it is also easier to make him focus on one thing than in was before. We are still giving him his meds, but he seems to need them less and less as time goes on.
We are sorry about giving the update so late by the way – we have just been extremely busy with some company and thus did not have the time to send an update.
Thank you for all the help"

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Dr. Terry M.

Sex Drive & Bench Press
"I honestly cannot believe how more people do not know about MaximumCardio. This is a product with life-changing possibilities, and more people need to know about it. I can bench press much more than I was able to do a few months ago. I can bench press almost double the weight now. My sex drive is improved as well. I’m in my fifties and yet I feel like I’m much younger, because I haven’t felt this assertive in years. Great stuff, cannot recommend it enough."

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Virginia T.

Blood Pressure 
"Writing to you about Mark, who is in his eighties (84 to be exact) and has been taking MaximumCardio the last 7 weeks.
We are very happy and we are sure you will be happy too once you hear about how better he is now. Paul called and was going on and on about how the doctor was surprised that Mark’s blood pressure was now 124/80. The doctor ended up asking us what product we were using because he was surprised at something working so quickly. We told him all about 124/80.

The doctor said that if Mark keeps up this resurgence he will soon have him off the blood pressure medication completely. We are all celebrating tonight, we wish you the best!"

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Tracy Winborne

I am just returning from out of town. My neighbor had picked up my package off of my step. The plastic seal on the MaxCardio was loose and the seal beneath the top was broken. I was really excited about trying the product however I will not consume anything with a broken seal. Can you provide a replacement? I am willing to pick it up. My order number is 1866

Thank you,


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Mark N.

No need for Bypass Operation
"I’ve talked to you guys before and you know what happened. I had a heart attack in March. I started feeling the pain early in the morning and by noon I was having trouble moving properly. A fellow worker looked at how bad I was and took me to the emergency room immediately. There a cardiologist diagnosed and told me that I was having a heart attack. They took me in for cardiac catheterization in emergency. I was given two stents on my left coronary artery.

They also fixed problems in my posterior descending artery by doing a balloon angioplasty on me. A day later the cardiologist came to talk to me and tell me the situation. He said that I had sever blockages in the posterior artery and would need to have a bypass operation to get it fixed. I was shocked and scared of such a serious operation and didn’t know what to do. The doctor told me I could take some time to decide and prescribed some medications to manage the condition in the meanwhile.
As soon as I was out of the hospital I began researching all the different things I can do. I’ve always been the type to get as much information as possible. During this research I came across this website. I wrote to the email address given and explained my problems. I wasn’t really expecting a response but I was desperate. I was happy to hear back and once I had done some more research I ended up ordering MaximumCardio. I started taking three scoops of it in a day and I immediately started feeling much better. I went to the doctors for tests, because that is always important, and the test results were full of good news. I started going for physical therapy and started recovering.
Soon I was back at my peak strength, and I could even run again. I went to the cardiologist again and explained my situation. The cardiologist looked at all my reports. He was happy when he saw that I was focusing on Arginine intake. I asked the cardiologist if I could keep trying the product for longer without getting bypass surgery. The cardiologist said that there was no immediate threat so I could try it for a month. The only condition that the cardiologist set was that I had to come in once the month had passed and get a stress test done. The cardiologist wanted to make sure what I was taking was working, and the test was necessary for that.
I was happy to say yes. I was facing a potentially life threatening problem so I had no problems getting as many tests as possible to ensure that I was healthy. I went in for the test a month later and when the results came back they were full of positive developments. I had done much better than the cardiologist had expected and was steadily improving. I’m happy I tried this product and thankful to you for talking to me and providing me MaximumCardio. The fact that such a stark change was seen in just around two months from the attack is nothing short of miraculous. ”

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Sheila G.

"I’ve told you about my husband’s blood test report and the problems in it. I believe I even emailed you some of his reports. Well, things are very different now. I’m sending you the latest reports and as it is clear to see his cholesterol numbers are drastically lower than what they were previously. As you know, his cholesterol had reached 294 and we were so worried, we didn’t know what to do about it. Now, since has been taking this Maximum Cardio stuff, his cholesterol is as low as 176. He is feeling much better too, like he used to feel in the old days. Many of us are now starting to drink MaximumCardio as well, because we can see how beneficial it has been for Paul. I’m just so happy and wanted to let you guys know."

John P.

Mental and Physical 
"I am 72 years old and have been using the MaximumCardio product for around a year now. I cannot overstate how better I feel. I had been feeling weak but now I feel back in control again. Doctors had warned me that blood circulation problems were going to make me feel weak, but now they are surprised by my test results. I know the test results are going to be great because I feel great, but they don’t. Honestly, looking at their puzzled faces at my great test results is half the fun.”